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George's Live

Apr 29, 2022

Fred Meyers joins us to talk about his podcast, The Promotion Man, which covers his career at Warner Brothers and in the music industry, including working with greats like Van Halen, The Ramones, and tons of other rock icons. Fred recently located to NW Arkansas from Austin, TX, and is putting together some...

Apr 20, 2022

Dan Robinson joins us to update us on what has been shaking over at Fayetteville Public Television. If you are an artist or content creator in Fayetteville, AR, or have ambitions to be one, this is the episode for you. We also talk about content creation and overcoming your own anxiety in building content.


Apr 6, 2022

Orson Weems joins the show to talk about The Music Education Initiative, as well as his work with The Juke Joint Project, his time at the University of Arkansas, traveling with Uncle Al Bell, and so much more. Thank you to Orson and his team are putting together such necessary and great programs in NW Arkansas!