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George's Live

Sep 30, 2021

JP The Rockstar joins us to talk about his artistic approach to his own music and how he balances his writing and performances of rock, country, hip hop, and even reggae. We dive into his early touring days as a blues musician and the creation of his band, 1Hundred Proof.  

Sep 21, 2021

Joel Robertson of Ley Lines and Fight Dream is one of the most laid-back and likable folks you can talk to. He joins us to talk about his new projects and the balance of two bands and we talk about the wonderful music community in Northwest Arkansas... and Garth Brooks.

OCT 17TH - Ley Lines w/ Moonsong and Olympics |...

Sep 17, 2021

Jeff Kearney is a local favorite by anyone who knows who's who in Fayetteville. With a long history of being in some of the funkiest bands in town, he also has opened his own screenprinting and t-shirt company. Jeff's bands are the Flipoff Pirates, 1 Oz. Jig, and he also performs solo, which we talk about on...

Sep 14, 2021

Matthew and David from Foggy Bobcat join us on the podcast to talk about their upcoming show at Juice Jam 2, as well as the history of their band and we also take a dive into the Northwest Arkansas music community and how deep of a pool of great bands we have here. Foggy Bobcat is one of NW Arkansas' hottest rock...

Sep 10, 2021

Stephanie Petet of the band Witchsister joins us on the podcast to talk about their TEN YEAR history as a band together, touring and hitting 25 states on the road, and Stephanie's art projects that she has been working on.
- Witchsister will be at George's Sept 18 and October 27 -Tix: